[ESSONCE] squalane oxygen permeability regeneration Mask Value Pack (buy two get one free)

oxygen permeability due to fully activate muscle regeneration
repair update pizhimo antioxidant
long-lasting moisturizing lock water to adjust the balance grease
bright and supple elastic net Xi given careful
light makeup perfectly obedient absorbed quickly

Unit Price: $1800


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Squalane oxygen permeability regeneration Mask 20ml * 5pcs * 3 box

Northern Wei Guang Zi No. 10304063 makeup


1. The product to be placed in a cool place, away from direct sunlight cause deterioration.
2. This product is for external use only, avoid products for use in the wound, inflammation, sunburn, swelling and eczema and other skin abnormality, the use of this product are subject to discomfort or allergy, please stop using it immediately.


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